Ninelocks specialise in the development of software for mobile devices. The majority of our work is writing freeware, shareware and specialised bespoke solutions for individuals and companies.

Latest Android Applications


Explore Bytes, binary and twos complement number systems in a fun and informative way. ByteSplorer written to assist students to understand binary numbers and interpreting the value stored in a byte. Windows version can be be downloaded from here. JAVA version can be be downloaded from here.(Supplied as a zip file. Requires Java 1.7. )

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This is an update of the version (with multiple cats) of the old Mac Desktop accessory.

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NineKeys Lite

Music Sight reading tutor

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Find notes on the the fretboard of your Bass/Guitar/Uke

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Still Riding

Quickly Send an SMS of Your Location
When out on an cycle or walk it Still Riding makes it quick and easy to send an SMS containing a URL to GoogleMaps showing where you are.

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NinePOI (Place of Interest)
NinePOI was written to provide a quick means of collecting and sending geographically tagged information for survey and hazard reporting purposes.
This version defaults to a mode to enable reporting faults on cycle routes but can be customised via its setting to use categories and labels more suitable for your own projects. A beta version of a Desktop Java Application to manage POI collections can be downloaded from here.(Requires Java 1.7)

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