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TimeLapse Camera for the Palm Treo and Windows Mobile

NEW PocketPC Version for SPVC500/AudioVox 5600

TeksPhotos allows a Treo 600/650/680/700, Zire 72 to automatically take photos
at preset intervals enabling simple time-lapse photography.

To use TeksPhotos just set the options and tap "OK". TeksPhotos will then take pictures at the interval you have specified.

Maximum picture sets how many photos will be taken. If set to zero then TeksPhotos will continue to take pictures untill there is no memory space left.

The time interval is the amount of time between each photo being taken and may be specified in seconds/minutes/hours.

If "Save Images" is ticked the images are saved to either internal meory or a memory card.

If "use memory card" is ticked the images are saved to the memory card.

When the TeksPhotos is running tapping "Take Pic" will force a photo to be taken.

Each photo filename is a timestamp of the date and time the image was taken.

We are looking for Beta testers for an Email version of TeksPhotos that automatically emails the photos that are taken. 

If you would like more information about this application Please click here to contact us

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The most up-to-date versions are always available here.

(latest version 1.0.5, 01/02/2005 )

This application is FREE

Download latest version of TeksPhotos

Download latest version of TeksPhotos For SPVC500/AudioVox 5600 Smartphone


PhotoMailer iconTeksPhotos InstructionsPhotoMailer icon

(always check the downloaded version for readme.txt which contains the latest news and updates)

Installation Palm

To install TeksPhotos install the file:- TeksPhotos.prc

Installation SPVC500

Download and run the teksphotossp.cab file

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please click here to contact us


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