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cardmail icon VFS-FTP for Palm cardmail icon
an FTP Client for PalmOS

VFSFTP enables files to be transferred between a PalmOS PDA and an FTP server.

Memos may be converted to text files for uploads and text files downloaded from the server may be saved as memos. Files can also be sent from a memory card using Bluetooth. Applications may be downloaded and automatically installed on your PDA.

** Read a review of VFSFTP in Palmtop-Pro magazine **
"With VFSFtp, Palm users can now readily access thousands of documents and files stored on FTP servers throughout the world, update web-sites with nothing more than a Palm and a cell phone, and easily transfer important data from the Palm to an FTP server for safe-keeping. VFSFTP therefore represents another important step in the Palm's evolution away from a simple desktop companion to a more powerful standalone computing solution.

"Peter Rand Contributing Editor,www.palmtop-pro.com  

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A great companion to VFSFTP is the free text editor SiEd at


(latest version 1.3.9, 30/05/2007)

The demo version is fully functional.

The most up-to-date versions are always available here.

Download Latest versionVFSFTP

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